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Busy, busy, busy.

So much to do, and yet here I am at the reference desk for the day, when I'd rather be at home writing.

(It's silly how affected I get by a new idea. I've been melancholic for several days, but last night I had an idea for my next No Fear of the Future piece, and now I'm filled with energy and can't wait to begin writing it).

In the meantime, there's fun, and then there's

That's the Baroness Troixmonde, a.k.a. "Filibus," the heroine of Filibus (1915). She is a Rocambole-esque master thief who terrorizes Italy from her zeppelin (the picture is of the front of the zeppelin's carriage), which is full of technologically-advanced machinery and weapons. The zeppelin is manned by a staff of mask-wearing, black-skin-suit-clad male assistants who obey the Baroness' commands instantly. The zeppelin is her headquarters and her home, and she descends to land only to rob or to hobnob with the socialites as the tuxedo-wearing dandy Count de la Brieve. At the end of Filibus she eludes her enemy, Detective Hardy (in the picture Hardy is the arms-crossed guy who the mask-wearing Baroness is taunting), and flies off into the sunset.

One of the reasons I love researching for Pulp Heroes is that I'm constantly reminded that our predecessors could be so exuberantly imaginative. A crossdressing rocambolesque zeppelin-piloting master criminal from a 1915 silent film--how fun is that?

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